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Here are some of our top products:

E85 -- Renewable fuel
All cars can use gasoline with up to 85 percent ethanol.

M85 -- Alternative fuel
All cars can use gasoline with up to 85 percent methanol.

We have a successful product, "Know-how". It is a formula consisting
0.5% mixed with E85 (85%Ethanol and 15%gasoline)
M85 (85%Methanol and 15%gasoline)
It can be used without modifications to the vehicle.(all cars and FFV too.)
And can be interchangeable with any gasoline.

Super Methanol Alternative Fuel
Comparing Super Methanol Alternative Fuel to gasoline and other methanol fuels, it has many advantages:
(1) Automobiles do not need any modifications.
(2) Super Methanol Alternative Fuel and any gasoline are interchangeable.
(3) Air quality is better than car using gasoline. Reduce exhaust 30--75%.
(4) No change is needed for gas stations. No special gas stations are needed. The existing tanks and pump system will function properly without modification.
(5) Improves the power of the car compared to gasoline.
(6) Saves money! The cost will be cheaper than gasoline, (about 25%--30%) and the money spent on cleaning up the pollution is saved.
(7) Methanol fuel is versatile; it can be produced from natural gas, coal, any organic biomass matter, even atmospheric CO2.
We can provide the technical and business solution for this product.

Super001, an  anti-tumor capsule of silkworm cocoon extract,  has been proven to be a great help for cancers.

Super002, an anti stroke capsule, can significantly reduce angina attacks and reduce myocardial infarction.

Betulinic acid (PA-457), a pentacyclic triterpene, Betulinic acid has been found to selectively kill human melanoma cells while leaving healthy cells alive. For the past four decades, the incidence of melanoma has been increasing at a higher rate than any other type of cancer. Betulinic acid seems to work by inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells. Due to its apparent specificity for melanoma cells, betulinic acid seems to be a more promising anti-cancer substance than other drugs that are with more general cell poison and are not specific to cancer cells. Betulinic acid has also been found to retard the progression of HIV 1 infection, which eventually leads to AIDS, by preventing the formation of syncytia (cellular aggregates). We have the research institute with labs and factories in China to produce Betulinic acid with purity of 0.985. Currently, we can produce about 6 kg Betulinic acid per month in China. We can produce much more if we can get investors/partners. We are looking for buyers for this product or business partners or investors for this project, and we would like to offer samples for test and more details about the processing procedure for our potential buyers or partners.

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